We help a number of non-profits (charities in the UK) but helping organizations that help people facing significant challenges are at the top of our list.   Tomorrow Billy Bennett our CEO will be at the Grand Hyatt Atlanta leading workshops  for 12th National Conference for Family Promise 

Family Promise is 25 years old.  Founded by Karen Olson a former Marketing Executive for a major consumer products company.  Her story is inspiring... and one that could help some of you thinking about life transitions. 

We have worked with Karin and her affiliate organizations for a number of years.  We are very proud to be speaking at this years conference in Atlanta.  If you are interested we can send you copies of the slides

Our topics:

"The Art of Influence" - a workshop to help leaders understand how to assess their current influence impact and how to create a game plan for expanding that influence to achieve important goals.

"Connecting in a Connected World: Who You Know, What You Know, and Where to Share It"  - This is a influence part II... How to create the skill of platforming - building a social media base to support your purposes and causes.

What's the connection of these two workshops?  The world has changed.  Relationships are now four dimensional - face to face AND digital.  This also adds to the complexities and opportunities of influencing in work life.

Do you see it that way?

    Want a copy of the slides?


05/05/2013 2:21pm

Billy B. did a superb job, very informative sessions and will enhance our mission...."Enhancing Communities, Strengthening Lives" Great conference!!

05/05/2013 3:36pm


Thanks for the kind comments! So glad I could provide helpful information. It was a great conference.


Khanh minh Huynh
05/13/2013 7:00am

Thanks for the new insights

07/05/2014 7:28am

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