How are you approaching organization design?  How much of org design is about "org charts"?  How much of it is about moving boxes and changing layers?  How boring.  And how wrong.

I just read an interesting post by Eugene Borukhovich entitled  The Future of Healthcare Design is Already Here.  Design - especially organization design - is a passion of mine.  I have a bias.  I believe most organizations are designed by evolution - by happenstance - rather then purposeful design.  Eugene's article triggered a memory of the wonderful organization design work done when people purposefully create something that delivers a totally new and special experience for customers and users alike.  No place can use that kind of thinking more than in healthcare. 

I hope you use Eugene's article to you make you think about more than the  dashboard he shows.  I think Eugene would be disappointed if you did.  While Eugene's article is about visual design for us all as we engage with the healthcare system... it is also about the system.  Therefore it is also about the design of the organization within the system. 

The problem with most organization design processes is they often focus only on positions, boxes and layers.  This is often separate from thinking of how the customer of the system, and the people connecting with the system should experience the system.  In this case how should patients and professionals experience the #bigdata information in healthcare? 

Do you use tools to spark imagination?

The dashboard tool (created using Memolane)is just that a tool.  However, Eugene uses it to open up a three dimensional view of what the healthcare experience should be --could be like.  The System.  It allows dreaming.

I've participated in organization design processes where something less cool than this sparked a vision of systems working in a different way.  I will never forget the sugar cubes... or the beer glasses... or the single piece of data that were all used to redesign organization systems and therefore the structure and how people worked.  

If you are going to create organization designs that last and produce exceptional results - then you must re-think systems...you must re-think the experience...you must re-think results.

What are you using to spark imagination in your organization design?  Are you just shifting boxes and writing job descriptions?  Or are you sparking dreams of a new way of working?

I would love to hear...

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