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Three most recent/popular Blogs summarised
“Is change in business just like any other professional sport?  To be successful, communications need to be targeted to those involved, watching and non-attendees” 

“Top Influences: thoughts, role models, organisations and books.  What have been the major influences in your life?  Here are some of mine:”  

“Process excellence includes keeping your competitors guessing and your Board aware.”  This blog continues to attract new readers

Latest news

Pyramid ODI agrees an initial Matchday Sponsorship deal with Crystal
Palace Football Club

Michael Salmon receiving the London Business School Alumni Service Award 2012  

Attending the Coller Institute 5th Annual Private Equity Findings Symposium

It has been a fantastic summer here in London, as the city welcomed people from all around the globe for the Olympics and Paralympics.  It was wonderful to see so many different nationalities come together and focus on a common goal - it felt a bit like one of our strategy alignment sessions, but on a larger scale and with gold medals :-)  

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